Wills, Executries,Powers of Attorney & Guardianship


Are you considering making a Will? If you have not already done so then it is strongly advisable that you to take prompt action on this most important of issues. Dying without having made a will can cause your surviving relatives great distress and financial hardship. If you put this to one side then you are putting the fate of your assets in the hands of others and entirely out with your control.




You may have been appointed as an executor by a friend or a relative who has just died. You may have a relative who has died without making a will. Our specialist executry department is vastly experienced in these matters and deals efficiently and sympathetically with the winding-up of deceased's estates. 


Appointing an Attorney

If you feel that your health is deteriorating and you may not be in a position to continue making decisions for yourself in relation to matters such as your health and your finances, you may wish to consider appointing an attorney to make those decisions on your behalf. Our firm has a number of experienced solicitors who can provide you with advice and prepare the necessary documentation to ensure that you have peace of mind.


If you have a family member who is no longer able to make decisions for themselves in relation to their health and welfare you may have to consider an application for appointment as a guardian to that individual. Again, a number of experienced solicitors within our firm can provide you with advice in relation to this matter.

Carol Reid of our conveyancing department prepares wills and powers of attorney. Deborah Fleming also prepares wills and power of attorney and deals with executry estates. Gillian Knox at our Livingston office deals with Guardianship. Legal aid may be available for those on low incomes who wish to prepare a will. If you would like to discuss these services in more detail, please call us or send an email and we will respond to all enquiries in a time efficient manner.